Dance - Video and Evaluation

You can use this evaluation as a model to help you evaluate your own performance. Pay particular attention to the technical vocabulary and sentence structures.

Remember that this is only a part of the evaluation.

My chosen skill is Dance and I believe that within Dance my strength, is in the style of Street/Hip hop Dance. In my skills audit, I decided that the techniques I needed to improve in Street Dance were partner work, timing, using my face and using the space.

In my performance I felt overall that I managed to show that I had improved to some extent in nearly all these skills.

My routine was a decent length because it gave me time to demonstrate all I had worked on. The routine covered the floor well because we didn't stay in one place but tried to move around the space and I felt the dance flowed and went with the music. We also tried to incorporate lots of directional changes to make the routine interesting to watch. I feel this worked successfully and on watching our performance back, classmates commented that they agreed with this.

We rehearsed quite a lot and this shows in the routine as we both knew what we were doing all the way through. We had some contact work where my partner picked me up and this worked well as we managed to look steady and solid with good control and balance. We had worked hard on this and as it was one of my skills that needed improving I was happy with how I executed the lift on the day. We did some floor sequences that showed my ability to incorporate different levels into the routine. We basically remained together throughout and my timing was strong through the beginning of the routine. I managed to use my whole body and made the routine very physical as street dance is a very physical and free style of dance. We also had good hand and foot sequences that looked complex. These added detail to our dance and helped us travel around the space. I had struggled with these in rehearsals but feel that on the day I got the timing of them right and successfully performed them without error with some good extension through my body.

However, there were things in the performance that I don't think were successful or as successful as I wanted them to be. I had no facial expression throughout the performance. I was concentrating so hard on getting through the routine that I forgot about my face. This is a shame as I don't think my routine had a performance level to it. This was obviously one of my skills to improve. My partner managed to engage a little bit more, and look at the audience more, so this looks better. I am looking to the side a lot and this lets my overall dance down as there is no story being told by me as my face looks disconnected to the rest of my body. This also made me look as if I didn't know what I was doing which is annoying as I knew the whole routine by myself. If we had both used our faces more, the dance would have looked much more polished than it did.

Although my timing was ok, I wasn't always in time with my partner. I think more rehearsal might have benefited us and we could have been sharper with our movements as this would have helped accentuate the timing and keep us together. If each movement had been completely in sync, the routine would have looked more skilled. I think my timing suffered more towards the end as my stamina let me down, so the more tired I became, the more sloppy my movements became. I also feel that whilst our partner work was performed well, we should have done more of it, we only had one little moment and I think if we had used more contact work, the dance would have been more interesting for the audience.

My future targets are to continue to practise using my face to express the dance and engage the audience as I think this is really important and also to work on my confidence so I feel brave enough to look directly at the audience; I will try and perform more to get used to this. Hopefully I will then look focused throughout when I am dancing. To continue to develop my stamina so that my timing and style doesn't suffer through the piece, I am going to do another dance class a week to help with this. Another aim is to further develop my partner work to include formations and balance and solo moments as I believe this would make my routine more interesting. I would very much like to continue with my dancing and feel I have benefitted from being able to identify what I need to work on.