DJ-ing - Tables

Getting and knowing how to set up your DJ equipment is the fundamental beginning of your gaining knowledge of DJing. If you do not know how your gear works, you won't make any sound! Without it, you're not going to make much of an impression as a DJ! There are so many different possibilities with how you begin that it is vitally important you establish what you are able to use reasonably and also that you establish what you want to do. Are you planning to be a bedroom DJ, play the occasional friend's party and the odd wedding, or are you planning to hit the clubs and mix up a storm? Whichever it is, you need to make sure your gear and your knowledge of it is up to scratch.


To be successful

Advice or tips to help you


· Consider your options

· Think about your preferred output medium. Are you a lover of vinyl or CD? Do you believe in the power of MP3?

· Think about all your considerations. What is your budget? How much space do you have to store, set up and use your gear? When are you most likely to move your gear around and how are you going to do this?


· List what you need

· Once you have decided on your format, list all that you will need.

· Be specific about your choices. They must be relevant to the format you have selected. There are a few items that will transfer between multiple formats, be careful that you are aware of what these are. Errors could be expensive!

· Make sure you will have everything your chosen format requires.


· Think about where to get your gear

· Consider whether to buy new or second-hand items.

· Consider your budget carefully; it is the overriding factor. You may need to consider all second-hand gear or a combination of second-hand and new gear to fit into your budget.


· Make basic connections

· Depending on your set-up, you will have a variety of connections to make. You need to be familiar with them all.

· You need to make sure that you have sufficient leads, adaptors and connectors to get your gear to make sound! The more complex your set- up, the more of these you will need, and the greater your knowledge of each connection will need to be.


· Know your components

· You need to be familiar with the function of each component and know its place within your set-up.

· Just as it is vital to know about the different types of connection, knowing the function of each different component is critical. Your set-up will not function as it should unless you are very clear about what each element does.

· Be aware of the many different connections. It is likely that you will come across many of them, e.g. amplifiers can often have at least two and often more different types of connections on them.